Recording accessories


The T43 shock mount is a special shock mount for recording microphones. It is made of new ABS material and solid steel pipe, which is beautiful and durable. The shockproof frame can be fixed on the desktop telescopic frame and the floor tripod bracket, which is easy to install.

Product description

High-quality tensioned elastic rope is one of the very important recording accessories, which can effectively reduce the sound caused by vibration, making the recorded effect more appropriate and realistic. Suitable for use with various types of microphones.
With a high-quality windscreen, the product is more convenient and perfect to use.
The bottom is equipped with a metal nut, suitable for assembling microphones within 24mm.
The shock mount joint can be adjusted up and down 180 degrees at will, and is suitable for 5/8", 3/8" brackets.
The structural design of the elastic cord avoids the front panel of the microphone, which is considered to be convenient for the use of some microphone belt functions.

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