Audio interface


This sound card is a new generation of Q-22 sound card, with more powerful technology and compatibility, with high-speed USB2.0 interface, built-in high-speed digital processor, with extremely low distortion and high-precision digital signal processing.
The Q-22 features AD and DA converters with resolutions up to 24-bit/192KHZ, providing excellent recording quality, dynamic response and rich low frequencies. High-quality conversion is the key to achieving high-quality audio, and excellent conversion can be achieved with the Q-22 interface. The power supply can be connected to PC/DC 5V IN, providing connection with MAC and PC computers and their IOS devices.

Product description

technical parameter
■ 2 channel signal input and 1 channel stereo signal input
■ 1 main channel output
■ 1 independent recording output and monitoring port
■ Low-noise, high-precision microphone preamplifier for perfect sound quality
■ Balanced mic XLR input and balanced line TRS input
■ 48V phantom power supply to provide polarization voltage to input port and easy connection of condenser microphone
■ Headphone monitor interface
■ PC playback module (USB interface)
■ The external switching power adapter (AC100-240V) has the characteristics of flexible use and low power consumption


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