Audio interface


■ Support dual mobile phone live broadcast, dual microphones, Bluetooth to receive accompaniment music
■ Universal sound card for mobile phones and computers, which can be directly connected to the USB port of the computer for live broadcasting and charging at the same time
■ Pure sound, built-in power supply, USB charging port, easy to carry
■ Multiple equalization, independent adjustment
■ 16 special effects sounds, 6 microphone effect modes, 12 electronic sounds (no debugging, one-key switching)

Product description

technical parameter
■ 2-channel system: two-channel
■ Installation method: external
■ Audio interface: 3.5mm interface
■ Output sampling rate: 48KHz
■ Sampling bits: 16bit
■ Battery capacity: 1500mAh
■ Applicable type: home/outdoor
■ Charging: 5V/2A

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