Audio mixer


■ (G8) 7-channel signal input and 1-channel stereo signal input
■ (G12) 11-channel signal input and 1-channel stereo signal input
■ 1 set of main channel output, 1 set of auxiliary channel output and return interface
■ 1 independent recording output and monitoring port
■ Low-noise, high-precision microphone preamplifier for perfect sound quality
■ The sound effector is composed of 16 kinds of DSP effects, with a realistic sound field, and is displayed by a high-brightness blue digital tube
■ 7-band stereo graphic equalizer
■ Balanced microphone XLR input and balanced line TRS input, 3-band channel equalization
■ 60mm faders, smooth and durable
■ Independent PFL switch, can monitor channel input, recording input signal as well as reverb, main mix
■ Headphone monitor interface
■ MP3 player module (USB interface, with display function)
■ Accurate logarithmic dual 10-bit LED level display

Product description

Technical parameter
■ Input Sensitivity: 60dB LINE: 20dB Eff Ret:-20dB Tape In:-20dB
■ Effect: ECHO 12ms-200ms
■ Output voltage: 4V Max
■ Signal-to-noise ratio: >85dB
■ Distortion: 0.03% (1KHz Full Power)

G8/G12 (  第1张 G8/G12 (  第2张 G8/G12 (  第3张