Power sequence system


■ 8-way display lights and 10-way output universal sockets, each corresponding indicator light automatically corresponds to the socket to connect to the power supply.
■ The machine is connected to power. When the program control indicator light is on, it can directly control the rear 8 outputs at the same time
■ Directly output 230V alternating current, each output protection current is 30A.

Product description

Technical parameter

■ Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz 30A
■ Rated output voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
■ Controllable power supply: 8 main control, two direct
■ Delay time of each action: 1 second
■ LED display, 6 square power cord
■ Power switch to control power
■ Rated output current of single channel: 20A
■ Steady current regulation to eliminate interference and noise

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